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Barbara Ogg weaves contemporary baskets using traditional as well as found materials.

This double-wall basket is woven of dyed and undyed reed. The basket is begun in the center of the bottom, woven up the inside wall to the rim, then turned and woven back down the outside wall where it terminates in a second "rim" at the outer edge of the basket bottom. This results in a basket whose inner layer has vertical stakes, while the outer layer has diagonal stakes. Click the thumbnail to display a larger image.


This large platter-shaped basket has a complex, swirled center. The basket is woven of dyed and undyed round reed.


This free-form, twined basket uses braided black paper rush as stakes, and chains of recycled mylar teabag wrappers as twiners. At the top of the basket, the stakes are unbraided, leaving a long, curly fringe.


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