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Handwoven Textiles of Sandra Rude

My goal as a handweaver is interesting cloth: layered, rich, unusual cloth that engages the senses, cloth that industry can't produce. I weave one-of-a-kind pieces using natural fibers. Most of my work consists of wall-hangings, scarves, and wraps, but occasionally I weave table lines and yardage for tailoring.


Several areas of weaving are particular passions of mine:


Jacquard-woven wall pieces based either on images from nature or on family portraits.

bullet Complex designs woven in lustrous, hand-dyed fine threads fascinate me.

Multilayer cloth, in which the layers exchange places to form the design, are a game of whos on top?

bullet Textured cloth, in which the surface is distorted into pleats, bumps, crinkles, and ridges, can be created in many ways, and Ive played with most of them.

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